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Sleep Study Clinic [Nov. 21st, 2005|07:46 am]
The E Nook! My little community


[Current Mood |hungryChzy Scrambled Eggs]

Okay, I underwent a sleep study last night at National Jewish's Sleep Clinic. Let me tell you it was soooo different than anything I even expected.... first you arrive not EARLIER than 8:45 PM and wait for the tech to let you into the clinic, then you fill out the paperwork, unless you did it from the online info they send you ahead of time Like I did, then they lead you to a private bedroom where you get into your jammies. then a tech comes in and 'wires you up' and this process takes about 45 mins, although the time goes quickly, then the tech hands you a CPAP (I'll explain that later) mask (usually they only cover your nose, but since I have a stuborn nose, I had to have a full face mask) and turn it on to show you what it's like. I have claustrophobia, so i had to go abot getting the mask on a different way, but once I did I was alright. Once you practice breathing with the mask, she then hooks up all the wires to a small box that is then tied into the network. Then you're put on a pulse/Ox monitor and a nasal cannula is put in in case you need supplemental O2... luckily I didn't... then you read or whatever for about a half hour or so. I'm not sure what time it was but i fell into a somewhat fitful sleep cus I was in a strange bed... I slept for awhile before she came in to say i had unhooked something, once settled I went back to sleep after going to the bathroom... I slept for a while longer before the tech came in to put the mask on... that was soo fun... NOT.. it hurt my cheekbones something awful, but i made it through about two hours of this before I asked if there was another mask I could try... after going to the bathroom for the 2nd time, I was given a mask that had more 'cushioning' on it and that seemed to work better. With the mask, I was able to fall into a more pleasent sleep even lying on my back, and had some strange dreams... I was awakened about 5:30 AM and the tech unhooked me. I then filled out a questionnaire and then gathered up my stuff including my pillows and headed home befor ethe sun rose... so here I am all clean (the stuff they use to keep the wires to your hair is grose but water soluble so it came out in the shower) and getting ready to make me some breakfast... just thought I'd let you all know what I did last night....